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A player can move their ships by resolving a tactical action during the action phase. Additionally, some abilities can move a unit outside of the tactical action.

  1. Tactical Action Movement
  2. A ship’s move value is presented along with its other attributes on faction sheets and unit upgrade technology cards. This value indicates the distance from its current system that a ship can move.
  3. To resolve movement, players perform the following steps:

  4. Step 1 – Move Ships: A player can move any number of their eligible ships into the active system, obeying the following rules:
    1. The ship must end its movement in the active system.
    2. The ship cannot move through a system that contains ships that are controlled by another player.
    3. The ship cannot move if it started its movement in another system that contains one of its faction’s command tokens.
    4. The ship can move through systems that contain its own faction’s command tokens.
    5. The ship can move out of the active system and back into it if its move value is high enough.
    6. The ship must move along a path of adjacent systems, and the number of systems the ship enters cannot exceed its move value.
  5. When a ship with a capacity value moves or is moved, it may transport ground forces and fighters.
  6. The active player declares which of their ships are moving before any ships move. Those ships arrive in the active system simultaneously.
  7. Step 2 – Space Cannon Offense: After the Move Ships step, players can use the Space Cannon abilities of their units in the active system.
  8. Ability Movement
  9. If an ability moves a unit outside of the Movement step of a tactical action, players follow the rules specified by that ability; neither a unit’s move value nor the rules specified above apply.


  1. When an effect moves a unit to an adjacent system, modifying that unit’s move value will have no effect.
  2. An ability may move a player’s ship out of a system containing one of the player’s faction’s commend tokens. However, the transport rules prevent a player’s units from being transported from systems containing one of that player’s command tokens, other than the active system. An ability that moves a player’s ship must also explicitly allow it to transport units from non–active systems containing that player’s faction’s command token for it to be able to do so.
    1. During a retreat, units may be transported from the active system.
  3. A ship that can both move and be transported (i.e. Fighter II) cannot do both by “meeting” a ship with capacity partway though a tactical action movement, as all movement is simultaneous.
  4. Ships only move “into” the destination system. A ship may move “through” other systems.
  5. Fighters alone will block other player’s ships from moving through that system, whether they are accompanied by a Space Dock or they are Fighters II.

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