Rules Reference

Some systems contain wormholes. Systems that contain identical wormholes are adjacent.

  1. There are two basic types of wormholes: alpha and beta.
  2. If a player has a PDS unit upgrade technology, they can use the Space Cannon abilities of their PDS units through wormholes.
  3. Players can be neighbors and perform transactions through wormholes.
  4. There are two advanced types of wormhole: delta and gamma. These wormholes follow all other wormhole rules.
    1. The delta wormholes are present on the Creuss Gate system tile and the Ghosts of Creuss home system tile.
    2. The gamma wormholes are present on the wormhole nexus and can be discovered during exploration.


  1. A system with a wormhole is not an anomaly.
  2. If a system contains multiple wormholes of the same type, those are treated as separate wormholes.
  3. A system cannot be adjacent to itself, even if it has multiple wormholes in it.
  4. A player chooses the path of adjacent systems each ship moves through during movement. If two systems on that are adjacent because of a wormhole, that ship moves through that wormhole.
    1. If the two systems are adjacent because of a wormhole and because of a shared edge or another reason, the player may choose whether or not the ship moves through the wormhole.
    2. If the two systems are adjacent because of two types of wormholes, the player chooses which type of wormhole the ship moves through.
    3. A player may move a ship back and forth through a wormhole between two systems any number of times, if its movement value is high enough.
  5. For more information on how the Creuss interact with wormholes, see their faction notes page.

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