Rules Reference

Hyperlanes are tiles that are used in some game board setups to create adjacency of system tiles that are not touching each other.

  1. Systems that are connected by lines drawn across one or more hyperlane tiles are adjacent for all purposes.
  2. Hyperlane tiles are not systems. They cannot have units on them and they cannot be targets for effects or abilities.


  1. If the edge of a system time is touching a hyperlane tile, that edge does not cause that system tile to be on the edge of the game board.
    1. When using the five– and seven–player hyperlane setups, the system tile in the center of the ring of hyperlanes is not on the edge of the game board.
    2. When using the seven– and eight–player alternate setups, only the system tiles designated as “Ring 3” and home systems are on the edge of the game board, along with the Creuss home system and the wormhole nexus.
  2. “Adjacent for all purposes” includes:
    1. Deep Space Cannon.
    2. Movement.
    3. Neighbors.
    4. Any other game effect that specifies adjacent systems.
  3. Hyperlanes on the same tile that converge at a point on the tile edge are not connected. For example, with the “Five–Player Galaxy Setup (With Hyperlanes)” in the Prophecy of Kings Map Appendix, the hyperlanes on tile 87A do not connect tiles 39 and 63, and the hyperlanes on tile 88A do not connect tiles 41 and 80.

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