Rules Reference

An anomaly is a system tile that has unique rules.

  1. An anomaly is identified by a red border located on the tile’s corners.
  2. There are four types of anomalies: asteroid fields, nebulae, supernovas, and gravity rifts.
    1. Some anomalies contain planets; those systems are still anomalies.
  3. Each type of anomaly is identified by its art. See rulebook for images.
  4. Abilities can cause a system tile to become an anomaly; that system tile is an anomaly in addition to its other properties.
  5. Abilities can cause a system to be two different anomalies; that system has the properties of both anomalies.


  1. An empty system is not an anomaly.
  2. A system containing a wormhole is not an anomaly.
  3. A system with a Vuil’raith Dimensional Tear is a gravity rift, and thus an anomaly.

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