Active System

Rules Reference

The active system is the system that is activated during a tactical action.

  1. When a player performs a tactical action, they activate a system by placing a command token from their tactic pool in that system. That system is the active system.
  2. A player cannot activate a system that already contains one of their command tokens.
  3. A player can activate a system that contains command tokens that match other players’ factions.
  4. A system remains the active system for the duration of the tactical action during which it was activated.


  1. A player may only move into a nebula if it is the active system.
  2. No system is the active system during a component or strategic action.
    1. Effects that trigger when a system is activated will not trigger during a component or strategic action.
  3. After activating a system during a tactical action, play will proceed to the Movement step.

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