System Tiles

Rules Reference

A system tile represents an area of the galaxy. Players place system tiles during setup to create the game board.

  1. The back of each system tile is colored green, blue, or red.
  2. System tiles with a green–colored back are home systems and faction–specific tiles. Each home system is unique to one of the game’s factions.
  3. System tiles with a blue–colored back each contain one or more planets.
  4. System tiles with a red–colored back are anomalies or are systems that do not contain planets.
  5. Planets are located in systems. Ground forces and structures are usually placed on planets.
  6. Any area on a system tile that is not a planet is space. Ships are usually placed in the space area.
  7. Double–sided tiles that have lines crossing from one edge to another are hyperlane tiles. Hyperlane tiles are not systems.


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