Producing Units

Rules Reference

The primary way that a player produces new units is by resolving the Production abilities of existing units during a tactical action. However, other game effects also allow players to produce units.

  1. Each unit that a player can produce has a cost value presented on its faction sheet or technology card. To produce a unit, a player must spend a number of resources equal to or greater than the cost value of the unit they are producing.
    1. Spent resources must come from planets or trade goods that are controlled by the player who is producing the units.
    2. Any resources spent in excess of a unit’s cost are lost.
    3. If a player is producing multiple units at a time, that player can add the cost of each unit they are producing to create a total cost before they spend any resources.
  2. If the cost is accompanied by two icons – typically for fighters and infantry – a player produces two of that unit for that cost.
    1. Each of the two units counts toward the total number of units a player can produce.
    2. A player can choose to produce only one unit; however, they must still pay the entire cost.
  3. When a player produces a unit through the use of their units’ Production abilities during a tactical action, that player follows the rules of the Production ability to determine where in the active system the units can be placed.
  4. When a player produces a unit through an ability outside of the tactical action, that ability will state how many units that player can produce and where that player can place those units.
    1. A player cannot produce a unit on a planet they do not control.
    2. If an ability allows a player to produce a unit in a system, they may produce that unit in the space area or on a planet they control in that system.
  5. A player is limited by the number of units in their reinforcements.
    1. If a player cannot produce a unit because it is not in their reinforcements, that player can remove a unit from any system that does not contain one of their command tokens and place that unit in their reinforcements. Then, that player can produce that unit. A player can remove any number of their units in this way; however, any units that are removed must be produced immediately.
    2. When producing a fighter or infantry unit, a player can use a fighter or infantry token, as appropriate, from the supply instead of a plastic piece.
  6. A player cannot produce ships in a system that contains other players’ ships.
    1. Ground forces can still be produced.


  1. Whenever a unit is produced, its cost must be paid, unless the effect that is producing the unit explicitly says otherwise.
  2. A player cannot produce one fighter and one infantry for one resource.
  3. If an effect allows a player produce a ship of a specific type, then factional variations do not prevent that player from producing that type of ship.
  4. If a player removes a unit in order to place it, because they have none of that unit type in their reinforcements, that unit is placed undamaged.

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