Fighter Tokens

Rules Reference

A fighter token functions as a plastic fighter unit for all game purposes.

  1. When producing a fighter unit, a player can use a fighter token from the supply instead of a plastic piece.
  2. Players can replace their plastic fighters with tokens at any time.
  3. If a player ever has a fighter token in a system that does not contain one of their plastic fighters, that player must replace it with a plastic fighter from their reinforcements.
    1. If the player cannot replace the token, the unit is destroyed.
  4. Fighter tokens come in values of one and three. A player can swap between these tokens as necessary.


  1. As each player only has ten plastic fighter figures, a player cannot have fighters in more than ten systems.
  2. Players may also swap fighter tokens for plastic pieces at any time.
  3. Fighter tokens are not component limited.
  4. A future rule change will have any unaccompanied fighter tokens removed, instead of destroyed.

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