Rules Reference

A player’s unit with Production is blockaded if it is in a system that does not contain any of their ships and contains other players’ ships.

  1. A player cannot use a blockaded unit to produce ships; that player can still use a blockaded unit to produce ground forces.
  2. When a player blockades another player’s space dock, if the blockaded player has captured any of the blockading player’s units, those units are returned to the blockading player’s reinforcements.
    1. While a player is blockading another player, the blockaded player cannot capture any of the blockading player’s units.


  1. While a player is involved in a space combat in a system, their units in that system are not blockaded, as both players will have ships in the system. Consequently, they may capture their opponent’s units.
    1. If that player has a unit in another system that their opponent is blockading, they will be unable to capture their opponent’s units.
  2. If, at the end of a combat, one player has no ships, but a space dock in the system, and the other player has only fighters, the space dock will be blockaded before the fighters are removed.
  3. When a ship moves, it does not blockade units in systems it moves through.

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