Space Dock

Rules Reference

A space dock is a structure that allows players to produce units.

  1. Each space dock has a Production ability that indicates the number of units it can produce.
  2. The primary way in which players acquire space docks is by resolving either the primary or secondary abilities of the Construction strategy card.
  3. Space docks are placed on planets. Each planet can have a maximum of one space dock.
  4. If a player’s space dock is ever on a planet that does not contain any of their ground forces and contains a unit that belongs to another player, that space dock is destroyed.
    1. The Clan of Saar’s Floating Factory faction–specific space dock is destroyed when it is blockaded; that is to say, when it is in a system with another player’s ships and none of the Clan of Saar’s ships.


  1. A Space Dock is both a structure and a unit.
  2. Fighters transported during movement remain assigned to the transporting ship until movement is complete. They cannot be counted towards a space dock’ allocation until after.
    1. If a player moves one of their units with capacity into a system, transporting fighters, they cannot pick up ground forces from a planet in that system with that ship by transferring those fighters to a space dock in that system to free up capacity.

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