Cost (Attribute)

Rules Reference

Cost is an attribute of some units that is presented on faction sheets and unit upgrade technology cards. A unit’s cost determines the number of resources a player must spend to produce that unit.

  1. To produce a unit, a player must spend a number of resources equal to or greater than the cost of the unit they are producing.
  2. If the cost is accompanied by two icons – typically for fighters and ground forces – a player produces two of that unit for that cost.
  3. If a unit does not have a cost, it cannot be produced.
    1. Structures do not have costs and are usually placed by resolving the Construction strategy card.


  1. Whenever a unit is produced, its cost must be paid, unless the effect that is producing the unit explicitly says otherwise.
  2. A player does not have to pay a unit’s cost to resolve that unit’s deploy ability. However, the deploy ability itself may have a cost that must be paid.

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