Trade Goods

Rules Reference

A trade good represents a player’s buying and trading power beyond their planet’s raw resources.

  1. Trade goods and commodities are represented by opposite sides of the same token.
  2. When a player gains a trade good, they take a trade good token from the supply and place it on the trade good area on their command sheet, making sure the trade good side is faceup.
  3. A player can spend trade goods at any time during the game.
  4. A player can spend a trade good in one of the following ways:
    1. In place of spending one resource.
    2. In place of spending one influence. However, trade goods cannot be spent to cast votes during the agenda phase.
    3. To resolve an effect that specifically requires that a trade good be spent.
  5. A player can exchange their trade goods with other players during a transaction.
  6. When a player receives a commodity token from another player, the player who received that token places it in their trade good area with the trade good side of the token faceup.
    1. That token is no longer a commodity token; it is a trade good token.
  7. Trade good tokens come in values of one and three. A player can swap between these tokens as necessary.


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