Strategy Card

Rules Reference

Strategy cards determine initiative order and provide each player with a powerful ability that they can use one time during the action phase.

  1. During the strategy phase, each player chooses a strategy card from the common play area and places it in their play area faceup.
  2. Each strategy card has a readied and an exhausted side.
    1. The readied side contains the strategy card’s name, initiative number, and abilities.
    2. The exhausted side contains the strategy card’s initiative number.
  3. A player can only resolve the primary ability of their own strategy cards.
  4. A player can only resolve the secondary ability of strategy cards that were chosen by other players.
  5. There are eight strategy cards, each of which has a name and an initiative number.
  6. The initiative number on a player’s strategy card determines the initiative order for the action phase and status phase.
  7. A strategy card has both a primary ability and a secondary ability. These abilities are resolved during a strategic action.
  8. Each strategy card exists in either the common play area or a player’s play area.
    1. Strategy cards in the common play area are available for players to choose during the strategy phase.
    2. A strategy card in a player’s play area belongs to that player until it is returned to the common play area during the status phase.


  1. During three– and four–player games, each player will choose two strategy cards during the strategy phase.
    1. Players will use the lower of the two initiative numbers on their strategy cards to determine the initiative order.

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