Initiative Order

Rules Reference

Initiative order is the order in which players resolve steps of the action and status phases.

  1. Initiative order is determined by the initiative numbers on strategy cards.
    1. A player who has the Naalu “0” token has the initiative number “0”.
  2. Initiative order begins with the player who has the lowest–numbered strategy card and proceeds to the player who has the strategy card that is next in numerical order.
    1. Only strategy cards that were chosen during the strategy phase are used when determining initiative order; strategy cards not chosen during the strategy phase are ignored.
  3. When playing with three or four players, a player’s initiative is determined only by their lowest–numbered strategy card.


  1. If there are multiple abilities that players wish to resolve at the same time during the action phase, initiative order will determine the order they are resolved in. See the abilities page for more details.
  2. The initiative order of all strategy cards is:
    1. Leadership
    2. Diplomacy
    3. Politics
    4. Construction
    5. Trade
    6. Warfare
    7. Technology (S.C.)
    8. Imperial

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