Rules Reference

Relics are powerful artifacts with unique abilities.

  1. Players can use the abilities of hazardous, cultural, and industrial relic fragments in their play area to draw cards from the relic deck.
    1. Relic fragments can be found when exploring planets and frontier tokens, and can be exchanged with other players as part of transactions.
  2. When a player is instructed to gain a relic, they draw the top card of the relic deck and place it faceup in their play area.
    1. If there are no cards in the relic deck, they do not gain a relic.
  3. A player can use the abilities of relics that are in their play area.
  4. Relics cannot be traded.


  1. If the relic deck is empty, a player may still purge three relic fragments as an action.
  2. If an eliminated player had any relic fragments, they are discarded to their respective exploration discard piles. If an eliminated player had any relics, they are purged.
  3. For notes about specific relics, see the relic notes page.

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