Rules Reference

Some cards can be exhausted. A player cannot resolve abilities or spend the resources or influence of an exhausted card.

  1. To exhaust a card, a player flips the card facedown.
  2. During the Ready Cards step of the status phase, each player readies all of their exhausted cards by flipping those cards faceup.
  3. A player exhausts their planet cards to spend either the resources or influence on that card.
  4. Abilities, including some found on technology cards, may instruct a player to exhaust a card to resolve those abilities. If a card is already exhausted, it cannot be exhausted again.
    1. Passive abilities on an exhausted card are still in effect while that card is exhausted.
  5. After a player performs a strategic action, they exhaust the strategy card that corresponds to that action.


  1. Planets will also ready at the end of each agenda phase. Leaders, relics and technology will not.
  2. If a game effect instructs a player to exhaust a planet, the exhausted planet must be controlled by that player, unless the game effect specifies otherwise.

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