The Codex

  1. The action card discard is shuffled to form a new action card deck as soon as the action card deck has zero cards in it.
  2. It is public knowledge which action cards a player takes using The Codex.

The Crown of Emphidia

The Crown of Thalnos

  1. A player may only reroll combat rolls with The Crown of Thalnos. They cannot reroll anti–fighter barrage rolls and similar.
  2. If a unit rolls multiple dice, it will not be destroyed if it produces at least one hit from its original roll, and that dice is not rerolled, even if it produces no hits from its reroll.
  3. A reroll caused by any other effect will not cause a unit to be destroyed.
  4. Units destroyed by The Crown of Thalnos are destroyed at the end of the Roll Dice step, before the Assign Hits step.
  5. A unit with the Sustain Damage ability cannot use it to avoid being destroyed by The Crown of Thalnos.

Dominus Orb

Dynamis Core

  1. If a player uses the purge ability of Dynamis Core, they will need to return commodities if they now exceed their original commodity value.


  1. JR-XS455-O is an agent. All rules that apply to agents (and leaders) applies to JR-XS455-O.
    1. JR-XS455-O may be refreshed by the Nomad player's Temporal Command Suite technology.
    2. The ability of JR-XS455-O may be duplicated by the Yssaril player’s agent, Ssruu.

Maw of Worlds

  1. The player does not have to meet the prerequisites of the technologies they acquire using Maw of Worlds.


  1. The attached planet will not have a corresponding legendary planet ability card. However, it will be legendary for effects such as scoring the Make History and similar objectives, transferring the Shard of the Throne relic, and the Winnu player's commander. The attached planet will also no longer be non–legendary for effects such as the Stellar Converter relic.

The Obsidian

The Prophet’s Tears

  1. A player cannot use the ability of The Prophet’s Tears when they directly gain a technology.
    1. The Nekro player may use the ability of The Prophet’s Tears to draw an action card when they would have researched a technology.

Scepter of Emelpar

  1. If a player has no command tokens in their reinforcements, they cannot resolve the ability of Scepter of Emelpar.
  2. The Scepter of Emelpar may be used whenever a command token would be spent from a player’s strategy pool. This includes when spending to perform the secondary ability of a strategy card, for faction abilities, and when scoring objectives.
  3. If the Muaat player uses the ability of the Scepter of Emelpar, they will be unable to use the ability of their commander.

Shard of the Throne

  1. When the player that owns the Shard of the Throne loses control of a legendary planet or a planet in their home system, they immediately give it to the player who gained control of that planet. No abilities may be resolved before this.
  2. If the player that gains Shard of the Throne controls no legendary planets or planets in their home system, they cannot lose it.

Stellar Converter

  1. The chosen planet must be in a system adjacent to the unit with bombardment; the planet and unit cannot both be in the same system.
  2. A system that contains a planet destroyed by Stellar Converter, and no other planets, is considered to contain no planets.
  3. A player cannot target a planet they control with Stellar Converter.