Sustain Damage

Rules Reference

Some units have the Sustain Damage ability. Immediately before a player assigns hits to their units, that player can use the Sustain Damage ability of any of their units in the active system.

  1. For each Sustain Damage ability that a player uses, one hit produced by another player’s units is canceled. Then, each unit using this ability is placed on its side to indicate that it is damaged.
  2. A damaged unit does not have reduced capabilities and is functionally the same as an undamaged unit, except that it cannot use the Sustain Damage ability.
  3. A damaged unit cannot use the Sustain Damage ability until it is repaired during the status phase or by another game effect.
  4. A unit can use its Sustain Damage ability any time a hit is produced against it. This includes hits produced during combat and from unit abilities such as the Space Cannon ability.
    1. A unit can only use the Sustain Damage ability if it is eligible to be hit. For example, a player cannot use a dreadnought’s Sustain Damage ability to cancel a hit from Anti–Fighter Barrage.
  5. The Sustain Damage ability cannot be used to cancel an effect that directly destroys a unit.
  6. The Barony of Letnev’s Non–Euclidean Shielding faction technology allows the Letnev player’s units with the Sustain Damage ability to cancel up to two hits instead of one.


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