Anti–Fighter Barrage (Unit Ability)

Rules Reference

A unit with the Anti–Fighter Barrage ability may be able to destroy an opponent’s fighters at the onset of a space battle. During the Anti–Fighter Barrage step of the first round of space combat, players perform the following steps:

  1. Step 1: Each player rolls dice for each of their units in the combat that has the Anti–Fighter Barrage ability; this is called an anti–fighter barrage roll. A hit is produced for each die roll that is equal to or greater than the unit’s Anti–Fighter Barrage value.
    1. A unit’s Anti–Fighter Barrage ability is presented along with a unit’s attributes on faction sheets and unit upgrade technology cards.
    2. The Anti–Fighter Barrage ability is displayed as Anti–Fighter Barrage X (×Y). The X is the minimum value needed for a die to produce a hit, and Y is the number of dice rolled.
    3. Game effects that reroll, modify, or otherwise affect combat rolls do not affect anti–fighter barrage rolls.
    4. This ability can still be used if no fighters are present; hits produced may be used to trigger specific abilities.
  2. Step 2: Each player must choose and destroy one of their fighters in the active system for each hit their opponent’s anti–fighter barrage roll produced.
    1. If a player has to assign more hits than they have fighters in the active system, the excess hits have no effect.


  1. Game effects that reroll, modify, or otherwise affect dice rolls during combat may affect anti–fighter barrage rolls. This is distinct from, and a superset of, both anti–fighter barrage rolls and combat rolls.
  2. A non–fighter ship cannot its Sustain Damage ability to cancel a hit produced by an anti–fighter barrage roll.
  3. Effects such as the Shields Holding action card, which trigger on hits produced during space combat, may be used to cancel a hit produced by an anti–fighter barrage roll.
  4. The “0” side of the d10 represents a result of 10.

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