Fleet Pool

Rules Reference

The fleet pool is an area of a player’s command sheet.

  1. The number of command tokens in a player’s fleet pool indicates the maximum number of non–fighter ships that a player can have in a system.
    1. Units that are on planets or that count against a player’s capacity do not count against that player’s fleet pool.
    2. Units that are being transported through systems do not count against a player’s fleet pool in those systems.
  2. Players place command tokens in their fleet pools with the ship silhouette faceup.
  3. If at any time the number of a player’s non–fighter ships in a system exceeds the number of tokens in that player’s fleet pool, they choose and remove excess ships in that system, returning those units to their reinforcements.
  4. Players do not spend command tokens from this pool unless a game effect specifically allows it.


  1. Fighters and ground forces do not count towards capacity during combat. As such, any number of Fighter II may be in a system during combat, regardless of capacity and fleet pool. This will usually only be caused by effects that place units in a system during combat. When combat ends, however units will need to be removed to meet capacity and fleet pool requirements.
  2. Ships may be moved into, produced in or placed in a system even if doing so would exceed the fleet pool limit. However, some of those ships must immediately be removed to satisfy the limit.
    1. If some of those ships are fighters II, they may instead count towards that player’s capacity in that system. If capacity is exceeded, fighters or ground forces must be removed to meet the limit.
  3. During movement, a ship may move through a system regardless of how many ships are in that system relative to the fleet pool limit.

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