Legendary Planets

Rules Reference

Legendary planets grant the player that controls them unique, planet–specific abilities.

  1. A legendary planet is indicated by the legendary planet icon.
  2. When a player gains control of a legendary planet, they also place its legendary planet ability card in their play area.
    1. If a player gains control of a legendary planet ability card from the deck, it is readied.
    2. If a player gains control of an exhausted legendary planet ability card, it remains exhausted.
  3. Players can use the abilities on the legendary planet ability cards in their play area.
  4. If a legendary planet’s planet card is purged, its corresponding legendary planet ability card is also purged.


  1. If a player wishes to resolve the Imperial Arms Vault ability of Hope’s End, but they have no mechs left in their reinforcements, they may remove a mech from any system that does not contain one of their command tokens and place that instead. The mech will be placed undamaged.
  2. If an effect instructs a player to “end your turn”, that player may still resolve any “at the end of your turn” abilities, including those of legendary planets.
  3. A player may resolve multiple legendary planet abilities at the end of a single turn.
  4. Legendary planet ability cards exhaust and ready independently from respective planet card.
  5. An ability that readies a plannet cannot be used to ready a legendary planet ability card.
  6. A legendary planet ability card will ready in the status phase.
  7. Mecatol Rex is not a legendary planet.
  8. For the system that contains Malice, see the wormhole nexus.

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