Rules Reference

Some game effects instruct a player to attach a card to a planet card. The attached card modifies that planet card in some way.

  1. To attach a card to a planet card, a player places the card with the attach effect partially underneath the planet card.
  2. If a player gains or loses control of planet that contains a card with an attach effect, the attached card stays with that planet.
    1. The attached card maintains its exhausted or readied state.
    2. If a planet card is purged, also purge all cards that are attached to that planet card and remove the corresponding attachment tokens from the game board.
  3. When a card is attached to a planet card, place the corresponding attachment token on that planet on the game board.


  1. There is no limit on how many attachments a single planet may have.
  2. The Custodians Token is not an attachment.

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