Agenda Card

Rules Reference

Agenda cards represent galactic laws and policies. During each agenda phase, players cast votes for specific outcomes on two agenda cards.

  1. There are two types of agenda cards: laws and directives.
  2. Laws can permanently change the rules of the game.
  3. When resolving a law, if a “For” outcome received the most votes, or if the law requires an election, the law’s ability becomes a permanent part of the game. Players resolve the outcome and place the agenda card either in the common play area or in a player’s play area, as dictated by the card.
  4. If a law is in a player’s play area as opposed to the common play area, that player owns that law.
  5. If a law is discarded from play, that law’s ability is no longer in effect. Place that card on the top of the agenda card discard pile.
  6. If an “Against” outcome of a law received the most votes, players resolve the outcome and discard the agenda.
  7. Directives provide one–time game effects.
  8. When resolving a directive, players resolve the outcome that received the most votes and discard the agenda card.


  1. When resolving the primary ability of the Politics card, the active player cannot show the agenda cards they drew to any other player.
  2. If the outcome of an agenda effects multiple players, it will do so in speaker order.
  3. For notes about specific agenda cards, see the agenda card component notes page.

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