The Yssaril Tribes

Stall Tactics


  1. No other abilities may resolve until the Yssaril player has discarded the action card.
  2. Scheming applies whenever the Yssaril player draws action cards.
  3. The Yssaril player will draw only one additional action card, regardless of how many action cards they are instructed to draw.
  4. The discarded action card may be any card in the Yssaril player’s hand; it does not have to be one of the cards they just drew.
  5. Effects that give the Yssaril player action cards without drawing them, such as The Codex relic or the Reverse Engineer action card, will not trigger Scheming.


  1. The effect of the Executive Sanctions law does not affect the Yssaril player.

Spy Net (Promissory Note)

  1. The player that plays Spy Net must look at the Yssaril player’s hand of action cards. They do not have to read or memorize what they look at.
  2. A player may receive Spy Net in a transaction during their turn. If received at the start of that player’s turn, that player may play it immediately.
    1. The active player may perform a transaction with each other player at most once per turn. As such, the active player cannot receive Spy Net more than once per turn.
    2. If the active player received Spy Net on a previous turn, they may play it and immediately perform a transaction with the Yssaril player to regain it. However, Spy Net cannot be played twice in one timing window. The active player cannot play Spy Net again until their next turn.
  3. Any deal between the Yssaril player and another player regarding which action card will be chosen, if made before Spy Net is exchanged, is non–binding.

Mageon Implants (Technology)

  1. When resolving Mageon Implants, the Yssaril player is not drawing a card. As such, Scheming will not trigger.

Transparasteel Plating (Technology)

  1. Other players may resolve faction abilities, leader abilities or technology abilities during the Yssaril player’s turns.

Y’sia Y’ssrila (Flagship)

  1. If the Yssaril player owns the Light/Wave Deflector technology, it will have no additional effect on the Y’sia Y’ssrila

Ssruu (Agent)

  1. If the Yssaril player duplicates an agent that allows a unit to roll an additional die, and both the duplicated agent and Ssruu target the same unit, that unit will roll two additional dice.
  2. If the Yssaril player duplicates the Saar player’s Captain Mendosa agent, they may do so before or after other effects are used to modify any ship’s move value. This includes the Saar player’s Captain Mendosa agent effect.
  3. If both the Yssaril player and the Vuil’raith player wish to target the same player with the Vuil’raith The Stillness of Stars agent ability, then they will both be able to capture a ship, resolving in initiative order from the active player. Both players will still use the target player’s full commodity value to determine which units they may capture. Should the first player to resolve capture the last of a type of unit from the target player’s reinforcements, the latter player cannot capture a unit of the same type.
  4. If the Yssaril player duplicates the Mentak player’s Suffi An agent, then the Yssaril player and the player targeted by the Mentak player’s Pillage ability will draw action cards. The Mentak player will not.
  5. Duplicating the effect of the Argent player’s Trillossa Aun Mirik agent, the Creuss player’s Emissary Taivra agent or the Jol–Nar player’s Doctor Sucaban agent during the same timing window as that agent is used will have no additional effect.
  6. If either the Yssaril player or the Nomad player resolve the effect of the Nomad player’s The Thundarian agent, the other will be unable to resolve the same effect immediately. They must wait until dice are rolled again before they may resolve the effect.
  7. For notes about an agent of a specific faction, see that faction’s notes.

So Ata (Commander)

  1. The Yssaril player cannot unlock So Ata if they are yet to discard a card for their Scheming ability.

Kyver, Blade and Key — Guild of Spies (Hero)

  1. Each other player chooses which action card they show the Yssaril player.
  2. Taking action cards from a player using Guild of Spies will not trigger the Yssaril player’s Scheming ability.

Blackshade Infiltrator (Mech)