The Titans of Ul



  1. Only sleeper tokens present in the system when it is activated may be replaced with PDS.
  2. A sleeper token that is placed during the Activation step, most commonly by using the Scanlink Drone Network technology and the Terragenesis ability, cannot be replaced via the Awaken ability during the same tactical action.
  3. If the Ul player wishes to place a PDS, but there are none left in their reinforcements, they may remove a PDS from any system that does not contain one of their command tokens and place that instead. The PDS will be placed undamaged.
  4. If the Ul player places a PDS on a planet controlled by another player, and that player does not have any ground forces on that planet, the Ul player will destroy all of the other player’s structures, and gain control of that planet immediately. If the other player has ground forces, then a ground combat will be resolved during the Invasion step of the tactical action.


  1. Units placed on planets via the Awaken ability are not committed. They cannot be assigned hits during the Space Cannon Defense step.
  2. If the Ul player’s units exist in the same location as another player’s units, no game effect can prevent the combat from occuring, including effects that end the Ul player’s turn.
  3. If another player plays the Ul player’s Ceasefire promissory note, the Ul player may still place units into the active system using their flagship or Awaken ability.
  4. Only the active player may use the Bombardment ability of their units during an invasion. As such, any ships in the active system will be unable to use their Bombardment ability during the Ul player’s turn, unless they belong to the Ul player.
    1. This prevents the L1Z1X player from using their Harrow ability.

Terraform (Promissory Note)

  1. Once played, Terraform is never returned to the Ul player.
  2. Once played, Terraform counts as being in the play area of the player who controls the planet.
  3. If a planet has multiple traits, the player exploring the planet chooses which of the corresponding exploration decks to draw from.

Hel–Titan (Unit)

  1. The Ul player cannot use the secondary ability of the Warfare strategy card to use the Production ability of a Hel–Titan.
  2. When multiple units use their Production ability, the Production value is pooled. As such, if the Ul player has two Hel–Titans in a system, they may produce two infantry or two fighters for one resource, rather than two resources.
  3. Effects that remove ground forces, and then place them on the game board without transporting them, such as the Decoy Operation action card or the Transit Diodes technology, may be used on a Hel–Titan.
  4. Effects that move ground forces, such as the Ghost Squad action card or the ability of the N’orr player’s commander, G’hom Sek’kus, (via the Alliance promissory note), cannot be used to move a Hel–Titan to another planet.
  5. If a player is able to ignore Planetary Shield, then Hel–Titan are eligible units to assign any hits produced by a bombardment roll.

Saturn Engine (Unit)

Ouranos (Flagship)

  1. Only PDS present in the system when it is activated may be replaced with the Ouranos.
  2. A PDS that is placed during the activation step, most commonly by using the Awaken ability, cannot be replaced with the Ouranos during the same tactical action.

Tellurian (Agent)

  1. Cancelling a hit cannot be used to stop an effect that directly destroys a unit.

Tungstantus (Commander)

  1. The trade good may be spent on the units produced by the Production ability that triggered Tungstantus.
    1. The trade good may be spent as it is gained. The number of trade goods the Ul player has after producing units is used to determine if the Mentak player may use their Pillage ability.
    2. A trade good will not be gained unless at least one unit is produced.
  2. Other effects that produce units without a unit using its Production ability will not trigger Tungstantus.

Ul the Progenitor — Geoform (Hero)

  1. The Space Cannon ability is controlled by whichever player controls Elysium.

Hecatoncheires (Mech)

  1. When the Ul player would place multiple PDS during a single step, they may resolve a Deploy ability to place one Hecatoncheires for any or all of those PDS.
  2. A Deploy ability may only be resolved for units in a player’s reinforcements. If all four of the Hecatoncheires are already on the board, no Hecatoncheires may be deployed.
  3. The Ul player cannot place a PDS on a planet that already has two of their PDS on it. As such, they are unable to place a Hecatoncheires on a planet with two of their PDS using its Deploy ability.
  4. The Ul player must have at least one PDS in their reinforcements to place in order to use the Deploy ability of a Hecatoncheires. However, when they would place a PDS, they may remove a PDS from any system that does not contain one of their command tokens and put it in their reinforcements. They may then use the Deploy ability of a Hecatoncheires.