The Federation of Sol

Orbital Drop


Military Support (Promissory Note)

  1. Military Support is played before the Sol player may use Orbital Drop.
  2. Military Support may be played the turn the Sol player passes.
  3. Military Support may be played when the Sol player has no command tokens in their strategy pool.
  4. A player may receive Military Support in a transaction during the Sol player’s turn. If received at the start of the Sol player’s turn, that player may play it immediately.
    1. The active player may perform a transaction with each other player at most once per turn. As such, a player cannot receive Military Support more than once per turn.
    2. If a player received Military Support on a previous turn, they may play it at the start of the Sol player’s turn, and immediately perform a transaction with the Sol player to regain it. However, Military Support cannot be played twice in one timing window. The active player cannot play Military Support again until the next Sol player’s turn.

Advanced Carrier (Unit)

Spec Ops (Unit)

Genesis (Flagship)

  1. Placing the infantry during the status phase is mandatory. After, the Sol player may need to remove an infantry or fighter to meet capacity limits.

Evelyn DeLouis (Agent)

  1. If the Sol player chooses one of the L1Z1X player’s Annihilator mechs on a different planet or in the space area, then this ability applies to dice rolls for that unit’s bombardment rolls when the L1Z1X player uses their Harrow ability.

Claire Gibson (Commander)

  1. If an invasion involves ground combat on multiple planets, an infantry will be placed on each.
  2. The start of ground combat occurs after the Space Cannon Defense step. If all of the ground forces committed to a planet are destroyed in that step, then the ground combat will be skipped on that planet, and this ability will not trigger.

Jace X — Helio Command Array (Hero)

ZS Thunderbolt M2 (Mech)