The Embers of Muaat

Star Forge

Gashlai Physiology

Fires of the Gashlai (Promissory Note)

  1. If a player already owns their war sun unit upgrade technology, they cannot play Fires of the Gashlai.

Magmus Reactor (Technology)

  1. The war sun must be in the system prior to the use of Production to gain the trade good.
  2. The trade good is gained after the use of Production; it cannot be used to pay for the produced units.

Magmus Reactor Ω (Technology)

  1. If the Muaat player has a unit is a system containing a supernova, they cannot be eliminated.

Prototype War Sun (Unit)

The Inferno (Flagship)

Umbat (Agent)

  1. The produced units must be paid for.
  2. No unit is using its Production ability. The Sarween Tools technology and similar effects will not allow a more expensive ship to be produced.
  3. If ground forces are produced, they may be placed in the space area or on a planet the player controls in the system with their war sun or flagship.
  4. If the Naalu or Yin players are chosen, and choose to produce fighters or infantry, they will only be able to produce two of those units; their commander will have no effect.
    1. If the Regulated Conscription law is in play, then that player may use their commander to produce two units for one resource when resolving Umbat.

Magmus (Commander)

  1. When a command token is spent to resolve the secondary ability of a strategy card, the trade good is gained after resolving the secondary ability. As such, it cannot be spent to pay for costs of the secondary ability.
  2. If the Muaat player spends multiple tokens from their strategy pool (e.g. for the Lead From the Front objective), they gain that many trade goods, one at a time.
    1. Each trade good gained may trigger the Mentak player’s Pillage faction ability.
    2. If the Muaat player wishes to score Lead From the Front and Form a Spy Network during the one status phase, they must do so simultaneously, and both happen before the Mentak player may use their Pillage faction ability. If the Mentak player subsequently uses their agent, Suffi An, when they use their Pillage faction ability on the trade goods the Muaat player gained from Magmus when spending the tokens for Lead From the Front, then the Muaat player cannot discard the drawn action card for Form a Spy Network.
  3. If the Muaat player uses the ability of the Scepter of Emelpar relic, they will be unable to benefit from the ability of Magmus.

Adjudicator Ba’al — Nova Seed (Hero)

  1. Any method of movement is sufficient to trigger this ability, not only tactical action movement. For example, the Muaat player may trigger Nova Seed when they retreat.
    1. If the Mahact player moves the Muaat player’s war sun via the use of their Benediction hero ability, the Muaat player cannot trigger Nova Seed.
  2. If the war sun is in the target system when it is activated, it must move out of the system, and back in, for Nova Seed to be able to be triggered.
  3. Any command tokens, frontier tokens and the Muaat player’s units on the replaced system tile are transferred to the new supernova tile. Any Creuss wormhole tokens are returned to the Creuss player and any Ul sleeper tokens are returned to the Ul player. All other tokens are purged.
  4. The Muaat player’s units may exist in and move out of the supernova system, even if the Muaat player does not own Magmus Reactor.
  5. If the Muaat player owns Magmus Reactor Ω, and resolves this ability during a tactical action, they will be able to produce units during the Production step, if the Muaat player still has units in the system.
  6. Nova Seed cannot target the home system of an eliminated player.
  7. Nova Seed may target the Creuss Gate (tile 17) or the Wormhole Nexus (tile 82).

Ember Colossus (Mech)