Council Keleres

The Tribunii

  1. The Keleres player chooses their starting technology after all other players, including the Argent and Winnu players, have gained their starting technologies.
  2. If there are not two unique starting technologies amongst those owned by other players, the Keleres player will start the game with fewer technologies. This will most commonly happen in a three player game, where one of the other players is playing as N’orr or Winnu.

Council Patronage

  1. The Keleres player must mandatorily replenish their commodities and gain a trade good every strategy phase.
  2. If the Keleres player already has two commodities, they will still replenish their commodities during the strategy phase. This will not give them additional commodities, but will trigger any effects that happen when the Keleres player replenishes their commodities.
  3. If another player is holding the Keleres player’s Trade Agreement promissory note, they may use it when the Keleres player replenishes commodities from Council Patronage.

Law’s Order

  1. The blanked laws come back into effect at the end of the turn.
  2. If this ability is used, all laws are blanked. The Keleres player cannot choose for some laws to remain in effect.
  3. If the Keleres player owns the Political Censure law, they will not lose a victory point when it is blanked, and they may use action cards during this turn.
    1. If the Keleres player then uses the Repeal Law action card, targeting the Political Censure law, then it will be discarded without the Keleres player losing the victory point.
  4. The Keleres player and all of the other players players treat all laws as blank for the turn.

Keleres Rider (Promissory Note)

  1. After playing Keleres Rider, a player may use additional abilities, including playing other rider cards.
    1. Any other riders may be played to predict the same or a different outcome.
  2. The effect of a successful Keleres Rider will be resolved after the effect of the agenda.
  3. A player who cannot vote may still play a Keleres Rider.
  4. A player who cannot play action cards may still play a Keleres Rider.

Agency Supply Network (Technology)

  1. Any abilities that trigger “when/after a unit uses Production” will trigger an additional time, for example, the Sarween Tools technology.
  2. The additional Production ability cannot belong to the same unit as the original Production ability.
    1. During a tactical action, the active player must use every Production ability of their units in the active system, or none of them. As such, the additional Production ability must belong to a unit in a different system.
    2. When the Keleres player resolves the secondary ability of the Warfare strategy card, they use the Production ability of a single space dock in their home system. As such, they may use the Production ability of a second unit in their home system, if present.
  3. The Keleres player may use Custodia Vigilia as the additional Production ability, and when they use Custodia Vigilia as the original Production ability, they may use an additional Production ability.
  4. The original Production ability must be fully resolved, before the Keleres player may use an additional Production ability.
    1. The Keleres player cannot pay one resource for two fighters or infantry, then place one with a unit using the original Production ability and one with the unit using the additional Production ability.

I.I.H.Q. Modernization (Technology)

  1. If the Keleres player is neighbors with another player, that player is neighbors with the Keleres player.

Custodia Vigilia (Legendary Planet)

  1. The Custodia Vigilia planet card is gained exhausted.
  2. Units cannot be placed on Custodia Vigilia.
  3. Custodia Vigilia is not adjacent to any system, unit, player or other planet.
  4. The Keleres player cannot lose control of Custodia Vigilia.
    1. The Keleres player cannot be eliminated once they control Custodia Vigilia.
  5. Custodia Vigilia may be used to qualify for objectives, if it meets any other requirements listed.
    1. Custodia Vigilia cannot be used to qualify for any objective that requires planets in a system.
  6. Custodia Vigilia may be elected by any “elect planet” agendas. However, Custodia Vigilia may be immune to the effects of the agenda.
  7. A player gains victory points from the Imperial strategy card only if they control Mecatol Rex. If they use the Imperial strategy card to score an objective, then they gain victory points from that objective, and not the Imperial strategy card.
  8. The Keleres player may use a command token to perform the secondary of Imperial during the same strategic action that they gained that token.
  9. When the Keleres player uses the Production ability of Custodia Vigilia, it is treated as though the Keleres player was using the Production abilitiy of one of their units on Mecatol Rex.
    1. This may trigger the abilities of the Sarween Tools technology, and other similar abilities.
    2. Custodia Vigilia counts towards scoring the Produce en Masse objective within the Mecatol Rex system.
  10. The Ul player’s Terraform faction promissory note may be attached to Custodia Vigilia.
    1. If Terraform is attached to Custodia Vigilia, it may be explored. However, Custodia Vigilia may be immune to the effects of some exploration cards.

Artemiris (Flagship)

  1. If a player cannot spend two influence, they cannot activate the system containing the Artemiris.

Xander Alexin Victori III (Agent)

  1. Xander Alexin Victori III applies to only a single instance of spending trade goods.

Suffi An (Commander)

  1. The trade good to unlock Suffi An is spent after, and independent of, any trade goods spent while resolving the action card.
  2. If the Keleres player uses their additional action to perform another component action, they may perform another additional action. They may do this any number of times.

Harka Leeds — Erwan’s Covenant (Hero)

Kuuasi Aun Jalatai — Overwing Zeta (Hero)

  1. The Keleres player must be participating in the combat in order to resolve Overwing Zeta.
  2. If a player wishes to place a ship, but there are none of that type left in their reinforcements, they may remove a ship of that type from any system that does not contain one of their command tokens and place that instead.
  3. Overwing Zeta may be played at the start of any round of combat, not just the first.
    1. Overwing Zeta may be played in a round following the Artemiris being destroyed.

Odlynn Myrr — Operation Archon (Hero)

  1. The additional votes are not cast until the Keleres player casts votes normally.
  2. The Keleres player may vote for a different outcome than the one they predicted. If they do, they will gain one trade good and one command token.

Omniopiares (Mech)

  1. If a planet contains multiple mechs, the invading player must pay one influence for each, as separate payments. For example, if all four mechs were on a planet, the invading player could only exhaust Meer to pay for one instance of the ability; they would still have three instances of a single influence to pay.