The Universities of Jol–Nar


  1. The Fragile ability does not affect anti–fighter barrage, bombardment or space cannon rolls.
  2. The effect of the Fragile ability is mandatory.



Research Agreement (Promissory Note)

  1. Research Agreement is only triggered by the Jol–Nar player researching a technology. It will not be triggered if the Jol–Nar directly gains a technology.
  2. If the Jol–Nar player will research several technologies in a row, then after each, the player holding Research Agreement may play it. The Jol–Nar player does not decide the next technology they will research until after the player holding the Research Agreement plays it or declines to.
  3. If a player receives Research Agreement in a transaction immediately after the Jol–Nar player researched a technology, that player may play it immediately to gain that technology.
    1. The active player may perform a transaction with each other player at most once per turn. As such, the active player cannot receive Research Agreement more than once per turn.
    2. Once a player has used Research Agreement after the Jol–Nar player researches a technology, no other player may use Research Agreement for that same Jol–Nar research instance to gain the same technology.
    3. If the active player received the Research Agreement on a previous turn, they may play it and immediately perform a transaction with the Jol–Nar player to regain it. They may then play it when the Jol–Nar player researches their next technology.
  4. Any deal between the Jol–Nar player and another player regarding when Research Agreement will be played, if made before Research Agreement is exchanged, is non–binding.
  5. If a faction has a faction–specific unit upgrade as one of their faction technologies, they cannot gain tht unit upgrade from Research Agreement when the Jol–Nar player researches the generic version of that unit upgrade.
  6. Research Agreement may be triggered when the Jol–Nar player reseaches a technology outside of the Technology strategy card. For example, it may be triggered by the Divert Funding action card, the Focused Research action card, the Reveal Prototype action card, the Technology Rider action card, the Ixthian Artifact agenda, the Wormhole Research agenda, or the Enigmatic Device exploration card.
    1. Research Agreement cannot be triggered by a game effect that instructs the Jol–Nar player to directly gain a technology, without researching. For example, it cannot be triggered by the Fire of the Gashlai Muaat faction promissory note, the Plagiarize action card, the Research Grant Reallocation agenda, or the Maw of Worlds relic.
    2. Research Agreement cannot be triggered when the Jol–Nar player resolves Genetic Memory.

E–Res Siphons (Technology)

  1. E–Res Siphons ability is triggered when the system is activated, even if the active player will perform no hostile acts towards the Jol–Nar player this turn.
  2. If an effect other than activating a system during a tactical action places a command counter in a system with the Jol–Nar player’s ships (for example, the primary ability of the Diplomacy strategy card), this will not cause E–Res Siphons ability to trigger.

Spatial Conduit Cylinder (Technology)

  1. Other players may use the Deep Space Cannon ability of units in the same system as a Jol–Nar player’s unit to produce hits during the Space Cannon Offense step.
  2. If the Jol–Nar player moves ships out of a gravity rift, they must still roll for removal.
  3. If its move value is high enough, a ship may still travel through other systems as it moves to the active system. This will allow a ship with capacity to transport units as normal from a system it did not start its movement in.

J.N.S. Hylarim (Flagship)

Doctor Sucaban (Agent)

Ta Zern (Commander)

  1. “Combat” is a unit attribute, not a unit ability.
  2. The Ta Zern may be used to reroll dice for an Infantry II resurrection ability.

Rin, The Master’s Legacy — Genetic Memory (Hero)

  1. The Jol–Nar player does not have to meet the prerequisites of the technologies they acquire.
  2. All replacements happen simultaneously. If this ability returns a specific technology, it cannot then be regained via this ability.
  3. If the Jol–Nar player later gains a technology they returned, they gain it readied.

Shield Paling (Mech)

  1. The Shield Paling itself is still affected by the Fragile ability.