The Argent Flight


  1. Additional votes must be cast for the same outcome as the other votes the Argent player cast.
    1. If the Argent player abstains or otherwise casts zero votes, they cannot cast additional votes.

Raid Formation

  1. The Anti–Fighter Barrage step happens during each space combat, even if no fighters are present in the system.
  2. Raid Formation occurs when hits are produced, not after hits are assigned. As such, cancelling any hits will not prevent an opponent’s ships from becoming damaged.
    1. If any of the anti–fighter barrage dice are rerolled, the number of ships that become damaged will depend only on the rerolled values.
  3. The Argent player may choose a damaged ship. This will have no effect.
  4. The chosen ship becomes damaged, it does not use its Sustain Damage ability. As such, effects that trigger when a ship uses its Sustains Damage ability, such as the Direct Hit or Reflective Shielding action cards, cannot be played.
    1. The chosen ship may be repaired by the Duranium Armor technology later in the same round of combat.
  5. If the Argent player plays the Waylay action card, hits in excess of their opponent’s fighters will first cause chosen ships to become damaged, then those same hits must still be be assigned.
    1. For example, say the opponent has three fighters and three dreadnoughts, undamaged. The Argent player plays Waylay, and rolls five hits. This allows them to cause two of the dreadnoughts to become damaged. The opponent then has to assign all five hits. The final dreadnought may use its Sustain Damage ability to cancel one of those hits.
  6. If the Argent player is in combat with the Nekro player, and the Nekro player has their mechs participating in the space combat via the effects of The Alastor, those mechs may become damaged by the effect of Raid Formation.

Strike Wing Ambuscade (Promissory Note)

Aerie Hololattice (Technology)

  1. The planet with “Production 1” is considered to be on itself for the purposes of producing ground forces.
  2. A player with the Light/Wave Deflector technology cannot move their ships through systems containing the Argent player's structures, if the Argent player owns Aerie Hololattice.

Strike Wing Alpha (Unit)

  1. When a Strike Wing Alpha II rolls a 9 or 10 for their anti–fighter barrage ability, infantry are destroyed at the end of the Roll Dice step. This occurs before any ship may use its Sustain Damage ability at the start of the Assign Hits step.
  2. Effects that cancel hits, such as the Shields Holding action card, cannot prevent the infantry from being destroyed. If an effects rerolls any anti–fighter barrage dice, the new result will determine how many infantry are destroyed.
  3. If the last of a player’s ground forces are destroyed by the ability of a Strike Wing Alpha II, and that player meets the other conditions for elimination, that player is immediately eliminated. All of their units are removed from the board, and the Argent player wins the combat.

Quetzecoatl (Flagship)

  1. A player may still use the Space Cannon ability of their units against the Argent player’s ground forces during the Space Cannon Defense step of an invasion in this system.

Trilossa Aun Mirik (Agent)

Trrakan Aun Zulok (Commander)

  1. Ships that gain Bombardment due to the Blitz action card will contribute to the unlock condition.
    1. The Experimental Battlestation action card will not contribute.
  2. “Combat” is a unit attribute, not a unit ability.

Mirik Aun Sissiri — Helix Protocol (Hero)

  1. Fighters may be moved without being transported.
  2. Ships in systems with an Argent command token may move.
  3. Ships may transport units only if their origin system does not contain an Argent command token.
    1. A future rule change will allow a player’s ships to transport units from systems that contain that player’s command token when those ships move outside of a tactical action.
  4. Ships move directly to their destination system. They may only transport units from their origin system.
  5. Ships moving out of a gravity rift must roll for removal.
  6. Ships cannot move into a nebula or supernova, even if it contains an Argent command token.
    1. Ships may travel into an asteroid field only if the Argent player has the Antimass Deflectors technology.
  7. Helix Protocol may be used to move ships into the wormhole nexus. If the nexus is inactive, this will cause it to activate.

Aerie Sentinel (Mech)

  1. An Aerie Sentinel cannot be transported by a ship without a capacity value.