For notes about specific generic unit upgrade technologies, see the unit component notes page.

For notes about technologies of a specific faction, see that faction’s notes page.

Antimass Deflectors

  1. The −1 applies to space cannon rolls during both the Space Cannon Offense and Space Cannon Defense steps.

Dark Energy Tap

  1. The ships may have been moved into that system during the tactical action.

Gravity Drive

Sling Relay

  1. The produced unit must be paid for.
  2. Sling Relay cannot be used without producing a unit.

Fleet Logistics

  1. Effects that trigger at the start or end of a player’s turn will not trigger between each of those player’s actions.
  2. A player may use the ability of Fleet Logistics the same turn they gain it.

Light/Wave Deflector

Neural Motivator

  1. Neural Motivator does not apply when a player draws action cards from either of the abilities of the Politics action card, or any other effect outside of the status phase.
  2. Neural Motivator does not apply when a player draws action cards due to the effect of the Minister of Policy law.


  1. When researching a technology, each planet with a technology speciality can only be used to ignore a single prerequisite.
  2. Exhausting planets to gain trade goods can be done at any time during action phase, except when another ability is being resolved. For example, if a player has one of their planets with a technology specialty targeted with the Uprising action card, they cannot use Psychoarchaeology in response to gain a trade good.
  3. If multiple planets are exhausted, the trade goods are gained one at a time.

Dacxive Animators


Hyper Metabolism

X–89 Bacterial Weapon

X–89 Bacterial Weapon Ω

  1. X–89 Bacterial Weapon Ω may be used against each planet in a system, if the conditions are met.
  2. X–89 Bacterial Weapon Ω will trigger only after all bombardment hits have been assigned.
  3. The L1Z1X may use X–89 Bacterial Weapon Ω after they use their Harrow faction ability.

Plasma Scoring

  1. Only one additional dice is rolled for each bombardment or space cannon roll, regardless of how many units are using that ability.
    1. During an invasion in a system with multiple planets, only one unit will add a dice to its bombardment roll.
    2. During an invasion, if ground forces have been committed to multiple planets, Plasma Scoring will add an additional dice to the space cannon rolls on each planet during the Space Cannon Defense step.

AI Development Algorithm

  1. When exhausted, a prerequisite will be ignored, and AI Development Algorithm will still count towards meeting a warfare technology (red) prerequisite.

Magen Defense Grid

  1. Magen Defense Grid cannot be used if all of a player’s units in combat that had the Planetary Shield ability have lost it.

Magen Defense Grid Ω

  1. The player with Magen Defense Grid Ω chooses which ground force the hit is assigned to.
  2. The chosen ground force may cancel the hit by using its Sustain Damage ability, if present. A different ground force with the Sustain Damage ability cannot do so.
  3. If the last of a player’s ground forces in a ground combat are destroyed by the effect of Magen Defense Grid Ω, that player loses the combat immediately. They will be unable to use any “start of combat” abilities.

Self–Assembly Routines

  1. If multiple mechs are destroyed, the trade goods are gained one at a time.
  2. A mech cannot be placed in a space area with Self–Assembly Routines, and so cannot be placed in a system that does not contain a planet.
  3. If a player wishes to place a mech, but there are none left in their reinforcements, they may remove a mech from any system that does not contain one of their command tokens and place that instead. The mech will be placed undamaged.

Duranium Armor

  1. A player must mandatorily repair a unit with Duranium Armor during each round of combat, if possible.
  2. Duranium Armor is used even if a player’s opponent produced no hits during a round of combat.
  3. If a player starts a combat with a damaged unit, they use Duranium Armor in the first round of combat.
  4. Only units participating in the combat may be chosen to be repaired.

Assault Cannon

  1. A player with Assault Cannon must mandatorily resolve its ability if they meet the requirement.
  2. If a player loses ships before they can resolve the Assault Cannon ability, they will be unable to resolve it if they no longer have three or more non–fighter ships.
    1. This will most commonly happen when both players in a combat have Assault Cannon, and the defender has exactly three non–fighter ships.
    2. Examples of other abilities that may remove units at the start of a space combat include the Creuss player’s Dimensional Splicer faction technology ability, the Mentak player’s Ambush faction ability, the Yin player’s Impulse Core faction technology ability, as well as abilities such as the Courageous to the End action card or the Reflective Shielding action card that may trigger off of any of the previous abilities.
  3. A player may use an ability to ships at the start of combat. If this brings the number of non–fighter ships to three or more, the player may then use the ability of Assault Cannon.
    1. Each other player may use one ability after that player has gained ships, and before that player has the opportunity to use the Assault Cannon ability. This may prevent that player from using the ability, as above.
    2. Examples of abilities that may add units at the start of space combat include a combination of the Mentak player’s Sleeper Cell hero ability and their Ambush faction ability, the ability of the Nekro player’s flagship, The Alastor, and the Naaz–Rokha player’ Eidolon mech ability.
  4. Effects that cancel hits, such as Sustain Damage, cannot be used to prevent ships from being destroyed.

Sarween Tools

  1. If units are produced without any unit using its Production ability, Sarween Tools will not provide a reduction to the cost.

Scanlink Drone Network

  1. The units must be on the planet before the Movement step of the tactical action.

Graviton Laser System

  1. If multiple players are resolving the Space Cannon ability of their units against the active player, the active player must resolve capacity limits after assigning one player’s hits and before the next player make their space cannon roll.

Predictive Intelligence

  1. Neither ability of Predictive Intelligence may be used if it is exhausted.
  2. If a player removes any tokens from their fleet pool, they will need to meet their new fleet pool limits before any other effects may resolve.

Transit Diodes

  1. When resolving the ability of Transit Diodes, that player may remove ground forces from a system containing their command token.
  2. The ground forces may be removed from on a planet or from in a space area.
  3. The ground forces may be removed from different systems.
  4. The ground forces may be placed on different planets.
  5. If a mech is damaged when it is removed, it will remain damaged when it is placed.

Integrated Economy

  1. The produced units must be paid for.
  2. There is no limit on the number of units produced, so long as the combined cost does not exceed the planet’s resource value.
  3. A player may produce ships with Integrated Economy, unless another player has ships in the space area of that planet’s system.